Welcome to Extreme Trail Horse Association!

We are a newly formed organization of extreme trail and obstacle enthusiasts.  Our mission is to provide safe, yet challenging obstacle courses and events for individuals or family recreation.  Our directors recognized a necessity for an organization where there would be a true sense of community for North America’s fastest growing sport.  A central platform was required, where people could access and learn more about the sport.  More availability to participating parks was essential, places where people could take their horses, or borrow a mount and learn how to safely navigate an obstacle course or natural trail with the knowledge that their outing would take place in a family safe environment.  We at Extreme Trail Horse Association are not affiliated with any other associations. Our goal is to support our members, parks, and our partners in advertising with the respect and dedication that will ensure a professional and friendly environment to enjoy our passion-the horse.

We began our search for farm (park) hosts and members across the USA and Canada.  Our parks would be made available to the public and our membership 3-4 days a week during hours set out at each facility.  Parks would then encourage the public who attended the parks to join as members so that they could also receive the benefit of reduced rates when participating at Extreme parks as well as enjoy great discounts through our various partners in advertising..  Our members will receive reduced rates on tack, feed, hotels, restaurants, and we will continue to add many other great services, sponsors and exciting products!

Our team consists of our directors, administrative staff, our participating parks, Extreme approved professional trainers, Ambassadors and our advertising partners.  We work tirelessly to ensure the safety of the sport by encouraging clinicians to teach the safest ways to enjoy time spent with your horse and the various courses.  Please read our code of ethics and our recommendations for further information.

Some of our parks have campground facilities, so if you are looking for a fun weekend, you can locate a park on our website and get a direct link to their site or Facebook page for more information about hours, availability and if reservations are needed.   We also advertise our park’s events to the public and our membership so you can also look to see where events are being held across North America if you are travelling.

Please visit our membership benefits page to see the types of memberships available and what comes along with each one.

Our Parks will also carry our branded Merchandise for sale.  You can purchase at any of our locations or order directly from our online store.  If interested in membership, you can also order directly online or at one of our parks!  Join today and enjoy all that membership has to offer!

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your horse, your family or you’re simply looking for a challenge – join today and become part of our highly interactive community!


The Extreme Trail Horse Association Team


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