Our beliefs:

  • It is the responsibility of Extreme Trail Horse Association and its partners, to set standards in the matters of ethics, sportsmanship and the welfare of all participants involved. This includes all riders and horses (members or non-members).
  • It is our responsibly to endorse ethical practises and to define and encourage good sportsmanship, safety practises, and high ethical behavior. It is also our responsibility to warn, censure and discipline those who commit acts determined as detrimental to any horse, individual or towards our association or any participating parks.
  • Membership is a privilege and not a right. Membership may be suspended, revoked or terminated dependent upon appropriate disciplinary actions.
  • The Extreme sport is a partnership between horse and human participant.

Code of Ethics:

We, The Extreme Trail Horse Association and its Participating parks are providing a role of service to the public and to its members.  We strive to deal with the public and our partners with the highest degree of honesty and integrity.  We have set forth the following principles that will govern our association and our obligations to our partners.

  • Upholding and ensuring the welfare of the horses, regardless of monetary value is vital. They will be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • All business affairs will be conducted professionally, with honesty and integrity at all times.
  • To handle our business, its operations and communications in a positive manner (including through social media).
  • Instill confidence among our parks, members and the public with regards to our association and the Extreme Trail Horse sport.
  • Parks in many cases are also people’s homes. Visitors of Parks are required to read, understand and respect each park’s rules prior to participating in any events or recreational activities
  • Recommendations for the safety and enjoyment of the sport have been set forth on our website for our parks and its participants.
  • All members will conduct themselves in a responsible manner and be ever conscious of other participants of the park.
  • Frequently reviewing, revising and developing safer methods to ensure the enjoyment of all.
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