Ashley Crabtree, is the owner, along with her husband Robert, of Iron Forge Farm in Madisonville, TN. and an ETHA Official Ambassador. She can’t remember a time when her world didn’t revolve around horses.  Her passion for horses started with a palomino pony named Sunflower and has only continued to grow throughout her life.  She has been involved in many different disciplines, everything from western pleasure, saddle seat to hunter/jumpers.  She is currently in the process of bringing along 2 off the track thoroughbreds and they will be trying their hand at eventing.  Her love of horses led her to pursue a degree in Animal Science from Western Kentucky University. From there she has been in the veterinarian field as a veterinarian technician, and then moved into the corporate world and quality management.

They were fortunate in being able to purchase her family’s farm in 2017 and they are very excited about bringing an Extreme Trail Horse obstacle course to East TN.  They have a lot of work ahead of them this winter, but it’s going to be something special when it’s finished!  They can’t wait to have your family, both 2 legged and 4 legged come to visit them at Iron Forge Farm! Ashley brings a great deal of knowledge, positive energy and enthusiasm to our team!  If you wish to contact her and learn more about our parks or for more information about Iron Forge Farm, you can reach her at: a.crabtree07@gmail.com



Marcy Heepke is the founder and owner of Triangle H Farm, LLC in Edwardsville, IL. She is a respected riding instructor, horse trainer, and clinician. She grew up riding horses on an Illinois farm and competed in western pleasure and hunt seat throughout her youth and went on to show on the intercollegiate circuit and has showed up to the national/world level. In 2001 Marcy earned a Master’s Degree in Animal Science at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a specialization in Equine Reproductive Physiology.

As a natural teacher, Marcy decided to make horses her life’s work, and to coach people how to work with great physical, mental, and emotional consideration for the horse. When a horse is set up for success, decisions about ‘if-when-how’ to reward the horse become unnecessary. It all about getting your idea to become the horse’s idea. Often called a “Horse Whisperer”, Marcy quickly explains that working with horses is not about whispering as much as it is about listening to the horse, and meeting his needs through harmony. Marcy promotes using feel, timing, and balance principles to set the horse and rider up for success. The process is neither showy, nor flashy, nor ego; therefore, the result is the simplicity of a happy, soft, willing horse.

Showing her dedication to teaching and safety, Marcy earned the highest certification level attainable, Level III in Stable Management and Stock Seat Equitation with the American Riding Instructors Association. The ARIA also twice awarded Marcy with a “Top 50 Riding Instructors in America” for her outstanding contributions to the equine industry.  Further illustrating her devotion to others, Marcy Heepke and Triangle H Farm, LLC received national recognition and a check for $10,000 from Pfizer Animal Health and Stable Management Magazine as the “Top Barn in North America for Giving Back to the Community”. In 2010 Triangle H Farm, LLC was awarded the “Small Business of the Month” by the Riverbend Growth Association, the area’s chamber of commerce. Marcy was also honored as the “2010 Outstanding Ag Alumni” by Black Hawk College, the Junior College where she started her formal equine education. She was the first Equine student, and second woman ever to receive this prestigious award. Marcy, clearly a sought after equine professional in the state, sat 6 years on the Illinois Equine Industry Research and Promotion Board to assist with granting over $80,000 per year of check off funds for equine education, research, and promotion. Marcy Heepke was honored to receive the 2011 SIUC College of Agriculture’s “Outstanding Young Alumnus”.

Currently, Marcy continues to embody horsemanship by studying the methods of Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, and Buck Brannaman.  She shares with her students the art of a horse’s-point-of-view training approach and supports them in whichever equestrian sport they choose through a very successful multi-discipline understanding of horsemanship. Triangle H Farm, LLC is also the home of the Madison County Trailblazers Saddle Club, hosting six shows per year for the club. The farm also offers 15-20 trophy-series trail and obstacle competitions through Equine Trail Sports. THF is also proud to announce our Ambassador, Trainer, and Park affiliation with the Extreme Trail Horse Association. Triangle H Farm, LLC also offers traditional horsemanship clinics, riding lessons, horse boarding, team building workshops, and horse training for show and pleasure as well as an extensive equine obstacle course. We are thrilled to have Marcy join us as an Ambassador and ETHA approved Trainer!

For more information visit www.trianglehfarm.com and “Like” Triangle H Farm on Facebook to see the most up to date list of events. Marcy Heepke Triangle H Farm, LLC 2082 South Moreland Road Edwardsville, IL 62025   618-559-7746 equineobygn@yahoo.com.


Steve Stevens and his wife Amanda moved to Texas a little over ten years ago to train horses full time using Natural Horsemanship techniques and to teach skills needed to build the human-horse relationship.
Steve was a professional Saddle Bronc Rider/card holder in the PRCA for about twelve years. While on the road, he got to be around some amazing horsemen who opened his eyes to training methods that helped the horse and he was hooked.
Amanda and Steve have dedicated their lives to continuously learning, teaching and sharing the horse with others. They do this through lessons, training and clinics.
Their son Ryder is seven years old and their daughter Violet is five. When Violet was only five months old, Amanda was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of triple negative breast cancer. Steve is proud to say that Amanda beat breast cancer and has committed herself to helping other breast cancer patients.
Amanda used the horse to help give her strength and courage through her journey during her treatments and after, living life as a cancer survivor. It is their passion to share with others the abilities horses have to help heal.
We are so very proud to Welcome Steve and his beautiful family to Extreme Trail Horse Association.  Steve is now an Ambassador and Trainer/Clinician who is willing to travel to help you and your farm/ranch become successful as an ETHA Park.
To learn more about Steve and Amanda please visit their website at: http://www.stevensnaturalhorsemanship.net
You can also visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/StevensNaturalHorsemanship/
email: steverodeo@aol.com


Van Hargis is known as one of today’s most versatile horsemen/clinicians. Van has trained and competed in the show arena in events ranging from reining to calf roping, and competed in the rodeo arena in the timed events. Training horses for Van all started over 35 years ago for the wife of world-renowned saddle maker Billy Cook. Van’s practical experiences in the show ring, rodeo arena, and on the ranch coupled with a dynamic speaking ability have made him one of the most exciting presenters and requested clinicians. Van uses each presentation he gives as an opportunity to share how the horse has helped him realize the important lessons in his life. He utilizes the arena and the horse to emphasize the most fundamental lesson: the need for a solid foundation, in horse training as well as everyday life. Van’s ability to use the horse to educate, motivate, inspire, and entertain will encourage you to take a long look at your life, your relationships, and your horsemanship. Not only does Van make lasting impressions on his audiences, he is highly respected among his peers for his horsemanship and his ability to recognize good horsemanship. He has judged some of the largest ranch horse competitions in the country, and he frequently is asked to judge similar events at horse fairs and horse expos. In fact, Van has judged the very popular Extreme Cowboy Race more times than any other judge of the event. Van was with the popular TV show competition for its first three seasons. 

Van Hargis has been featured in several major publications including the Quarter Horse News, Horse and Rider, Western Horseman, and Performance Horse. Van’s articles have also been regular contributions in other national publications such as National Foundation Quarter Horse Journal, Today’s Horse, Horse & Rider, and Horse Talk magazine. His writing has appeared in countless regional and local publications. In 2006, Van was selected by HorseCity.com to be the year-long trainer of the Free Horse Contest. Van selected, started, and hauled “Feature,” an APHA-registered paint gelding.

Van’s versatility extends far beyond his horsemanship and training ability. He frequently is asked to compete in celebrity team roping or cutting horse events, as well as the occasional golf tournament. Van has been a keynote speaker at 4-H and FFH banquets, the Certified Horsemanship National Convention, and other related events; Van has been the guest on literally hundreds of radio programs throughout the country. Van hosts a weekly podcast “Ride Every Stride” on iTunes. He currently has more than 12,000 listeners. This listenership is growing rapidly. He has the ability to deliver an exciting, educational, motivational, inspirational, and entertaining program to audiences regardless of the setting or the topic. From colt-starting clinics to versatility ranch horse demonstrations, presentations on collection to the concept of fear, trust, and confidence, Van finds a way to relate practical methods and messages to everyone. Van believes in empowering the horse and the horseman to help each other in forming a relationship that focuses on success. It is because of his ability and emphasis on always remaining true to the horse that he has been given the title:

Van Hargis, a true horseman.”

“Van has made his place in the horse industry through his ability to work with all types of horses and in all situations. He has a sincere love for the horse and his objective is to educate the horse owner and in turn develop much better horses. He is capable of conveying his message to an audience effectively and is very popular with the crowd during and after the event. We highly recommend him as a presenting clinician at your event and we know you will be well satisfied with the work he does.”  

We are very blessed to have such a fine horseman join us and be part of the support team as a Trainer/Clinician/Presenter and Ambassador for our Parks and Members of this Association.

For more information, contact

                                            Van Hargis Horsemanship






Nancy Slater Horse Behavior Professional

With a mission to help make the world a better place for horses and the people who love them, Nancy promises to bridge the gap between horse and rider, always putting the relationship first. Licensed Parelli Professional, National Champion, American Riding Instructor Association (ARIA)/Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH) certified Instructor, Nancy offers experience, education, and professionalism.

American Competitive Trail Horse Association National Champion in Open (Pro) Division on Zantanons Shaman, owned and trained by Nancy Slater.  At age 5 this QH competed and won her first year of competition.  Nancy continues to train for Equine Trail Sports and is column writer for major magazines on horse training topics.  She also teaches Parelli Natural Horsemanship skills in public schools!

Since age 4, Nancy rode and loved horses.  At an early age, she was riding ranch horses as a wrangler for children’s summer camp, as well as, competitive barrel racing and gymchana. She has since trained and ridden with great horsemen and continues her horsemanship journey today. Nancy Slater shares the language of communication, trust, leadership by working with horses and their owners to build life long relations of companionship. She provides her services at her facility and travels extensively throughout the US, giving lessons and workshops, sharing her knowledge, helping horses and their owners become amazing partners.

We are very proud to welcome Nancy to our family as a Trainer, Clinician, Host Park and Ambassador!  you can see more about Nancy on her website at www.nancyslater.com or call/text to: 863-528-2570.


CJ pictured here on the pony that started it all!

CJ and Wally Smith CJ’s Dad put her on her first pony, Nebeish when she was 5 years old, at first opportunity and in true pony fashion, he trotted off to a pile of grain he knew about, she lasted to the ride until he dropped his head to eat, she kept hold of to those reigns as a true rookie would, then slid down his neck to the ground and landed on her back. Looking up at him, it was all stars n smiles and from then on she was smitten with all things horse.

Wally & CJ out on the trails

Being from the city presents a difficulty to be around them with any regularity, there was many a time she wished her aunt was her mom and she lived with her instead. There were other reasons as well, but they had horses and a cousin near her age, the thought of actually being able to live with horses and have a fellow horse crazy cousin sounded much nicer then being in the city. It wasn’t until she moved out on her own that she found ways to have horses in her life again. While working full time in office jobs, she also worked at a barn in exchange for English riding lessons, then volunteered at a trail riding stable as a trail guide. It was at the stables she met Wally, they decided they liked each other and a few years later they moved to Magnetawan,Ontario together.  They found a farm and began making their dream of living with horses a reality. For nearly twenty years they have been boarding horses and giving lessons and clinics about horse behavior and the nature of horses. They feel that if you understand the horses natural instincts, it makes being with and riding them easier to predict and helps people stay safe. They have offered public trail rides, guided trail rides with travelling visitors on their horses, Wally does the starting, re starting, training and clinics and I assist if needed. We have raised a foal here who was quite natural all around and had to induce another mare a week later, he was hand raised, since his mom rejected him. He has taught CJ so much about bottle raised horses, and in hindsight CJ wishes she could have a do over with the knowledge he gave her. It’s all a progression, in life and with horses. Wally has always wanted to build a fun and safe place to bring and enjoy horses. They currently have the trails and a mini cross country course, this season if all goes to plan they will have a completed mountain trail course. They are grateful, it’s been a long journey, mostly uphill all the way, but nothing worth having comes easy.

It brings us so much pleasure to include CJ and Wally as Ambassadors of this Association.  They hold horses and their welfare near and dear to their hearts and they enjoy sharing that knowledge with those who wish to learn.  Now they can help spread that knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn.  Please visit their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/horsetalesntrails or check them out on instagram #horsetalesntrails.  You can call them at 249-995-0061 or text you can also e-mail them at horsetalesntrails@gmail.com

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