The following are recommendations only for parks within Extreme Trail Horse Association.  We cannot enforce these recommendations due to state/provincial laws, rules and regulation variations.

We encourage an enjoyable, family safe environment for rider and horse alike. Please consider these recommendations to ensure everyone has fun.

  • Obtain signed liability forms for each rider – (individual or parent or guardian).
  • Insurance Coverage (by park and/or individual if applicable)
  • Park rules posted clearly and in more than one area if needed.
  • Invest in CPR training for anyone working/volunteering at your park. Required level of training will vary depending on where you live.
  • Invest in Equine First Aid training/certification for anyone working/volunteering at your park.
  • Keep 2 First Aid kits on hand; 1 for humans and 1 for horses.
  • Safety gear/helmets worn by riders (especially children under 18)
  • Proper footwear worn by participants (no open toed shoes)
  • Safety boots/wraps for horses legs.
  • Certificate of proof of shots for visiting horses to your property (required shots varying by state or province).
  • Offer onsite clinics for beginners to advanced riders.
  • At least 2 people onsite at all times during business hours to ensure rules of park are being adhered to as well as being available to assist anyone in need.
  • Stable mounting platforms for those who require a boost.
  • Clean water on hand at all times in troughs or buckets for horses.
  • Frequent checks/walk through on park grounds for waste pick up, clearly marked areas for disposal.
  • Diligent upkeep of obstacle course before and during use. Make sure everything is in place, nothing has fallen or been misplaced that could become a possible hazard to another horse or rider.

**Release of Liability: All parks have individual rules and regulations governed by the state or province in which they reside.  The rules of each location must be respected as stated.   ETHA is not responsible for accidents, theft or injury at any of the parks within our association.

If any of our parks or members would like to contribute more recommendations to this list, please feel free to e-mail us at etha.info@gmail.com. Your input is important to us!

Always reviewing how we can make things safer for everyone!



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