Following are examples to give you inspiration. All obstacles can be interchanged with wood stumps, tires, logs, piping etc.… it’s up to you. We encourage you as the barn owner to use your imagination. Visit our Parks pages or Pintrest on the internet to get other awesome ideas! Please send us pictures of your obstacles!

Teeter Totter

14’ long x 48” wide

Log Cross

2 x 16’ to 18 ‘ logs 8 feet apart with 8 10’ logs every 30 to 36” apart. You may also use and jump poles.

Small Bridge

Over water – 34’ wide by 12’

Back Through


Back Through

Not Raised (Ground Level)

Balance Beam

14’ long x 20” wide x 12” high

The log scramble

Twenty 10-12’ logs or poles that are placed on the ground to look like pick up sticks so the horse learns to walk through.

Turn around box

48” x 48” x 12” high

Log steps

You will need at least 8 logs 12-16” in diameter or you may substitute all logs with large piping.

Water Box

4’ x 8’

Stair Steps

Cake Box

Suspension Bridge

Raised Logs

Logs placed on 2 logs or cavalettis to elevate no more than 12” of the ground.

Log Maze

Use as many logs as possible 10-12’ making a maze on the ground so the horse learns foot position.

Rock Obstacles

You will need about 50 rocks or you can use flower pots but remember to leave enough space between rocks for your horse to step around.

Pin Wheel


Large Tire Obstacles.

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