PJ O'Connell

ETHA Trainer

Address: Elizabethtown, KY
Phone: (502) 419-3357
Cell: (502) 419-3357
E-mail: CowboyWayRanchKY@gmail.com
Website: N/A
Expertise: American horse trainer and professional horseman
Event Types Working ranch horses, performance horses, colt starting, team and confidence building, groundwork, obstacles and trail courses
Years Experience: 25+
Onsite Clinics? Yes
Willing to Travel? Yes
Willing to Train Outside Horses for ETHA Events? Yes
Preferred Method of Contact: Call, Text, or Email

PJ O’Connell grew up riding and showing cutting horses. He spent his school age years working for several different prominent horse trainers, absorbing everything he could learn about developing a horse. As he grew older and branched out on his own, his love for ranching and raising cattle grew and so did his need for quiet, intelligent, calm horses to work around those cattle. With the varying terrains found throughout Kentucky, those horses needed to be able traverse hills, water, brush, dense woods and other obstacles with quickness, confidence and sure footedness. With His successful AQHA breeding program taking off, there was no better time to take the raised stock and turn them into versatile, all-around performance horses that could perform in the arena, work the cattle at home on the ranch, and safely ride the trails during down time. With over 25 years as a professional horse trainer, PJ has successfully developed numerous horse & rider teams for everything from the weekend trial rider to the performance arena.


Over the past several years, PJ has begun to notice the disappearance of true horsemanship in today’s riders. The disappearance of horsemanship is detrimental to the horse industry and in keeping good, reliable, safe horses on the market. He has always developed his horses with solid foundations built on clear communication methods and trust between the horse and rider. It has always been his goal to develop safe, reliable horses for all levels of riders to enjoy; however, he places even more importance on building horse and rider teams that take companionship and enjoyment to an even higher level, resulting in a team that can take on any challenge presented to them with confidence and trust in each other.


In addition to training, PJ is available for consultations on horse purchases, sales, horse and rider team evaluations, and clinics. Call, text or email to book him.





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