Scott Knudsen

ETHA Trainer


1039 Elm Ridge Road Fredericksburg TX, 78624

Phone: (830) 456-1528
Cell: (830) 992-1786
E-mail: knudsenhorses@yahoo.com
Website: www.knudsenhorses.com
Type of Trainer:

AQHA Professional Horseman

Event Types Team Roping, Team Sorting, Team Penning, Ranch Work, Cow Horse
Years Experience: 30
Onsite Clinics? No
Willing to Travel? Yes
Willing to Train Outside Horses for ETHA Events? Yes
Preferred Foundation

My name is Scott Knudsen, and I live and work in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with my wife Tracy, and our daughter Hailey.I am a fifth generation horseman .

When we moved to Fredericksburg in the fall of 2001 I was working with horses from ranch to ranch as a mobile horse trainer. My clientele increased and I knew it was time to move from town and peruse my childhood dream of owning and operating my own Equine Center. With the help of my family and our clients our facility grew fast .I went from training family horses, to training sorting, penning, and working cow horses. I had people at shows wanting to buy the horses that I rode, and that’s how I started selling my horses. I also had people who asked me to show and sell their horses, so I started traveling to more shows with more horses and the business grew.

I have always wanted to have a stud horse, I have been studying horse pedigrees most of my life. Just this year, I bought my first stud horse; Jaz Buenos Nochas. I bought him to start breeding well mannered working cow horses that people can be proud to ride, and have an opportunity to win on. I am starting to show and compete on him. We will have his babies on the ground next year for sale. To sum it up, God has blessed my family and I in many ways. I love what I am doing and am able to work with my wife and daughter and pursue my childhood dream. 

Lightning K Brand
We came up with the Lighting K Brand because on our daughters one year birthday we were down at the barn and we were hit with lightning. Living through something like that really puts things into perspective. We felt we needed to blend the lightning strike with our family name. Since we were down with the horses at the time we decided it would be a great way to remind us how lucky we all are. 

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