Steve Stevens

ETHA Trainer


3821 Quanah Hill Rd., Weatherford, TX  USA 76087

Phone: 818-400-1517
E-mail: stevensnaturalhorsemanship@aol.com
Website: www.stevensnaturalhorsemanship.net


Type of Trainer: Natural Horsemanship
Event Types Obstacles, confidence building, groundwork, Various
Years Experience: 20
Onsite Clinics? Yes
Willing to Travel? Yes
Willing to Train Outside Horses for ETHA Events? Yes
Steve Stevens and his wife Amanda moved to Texas a little over ten years ago to train horses full time using Natural Horsemanship techniques and to teach skills needed to build the human-horse relationship.
Steve was a professional Saddle Bronc Rider/card holder in the PRCA for about twelve years. While on the road, he got to be around some amazing horsemen who opened his eyes to training methods that helped the horse and he was hooked.
Amanda and Steve have dedicated their lives to continuously learning, teaching and sharing the horse with others. They do this through lessons, training and clinics.
Their son Ryder is seven years old and their daughter Violet is five. When Violet was only five months old, Amanda was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of triple negative breast cancer. Steve is proud to say that Amanda beat breast cancer and has committed herself to helping other breast cancer patients.
Amanda used the horse to help give her strength and courage through her journey during her treatments and after, living life as a cancer survivor. It is their passion to share with others the abilities horses have to help heal.
We are so very proud to Welcome Steve and his beautiful family to Extreme Trail Horse Association.  Steve is now an Ambassador and Trainer/Clinician who is willing to travel to help you and your farm/ranch become successful as an ETHA Park.
To learn more about Steve and Amanda please visit their website at: http://www.stevensnaturalhorsemanship.net
You can also visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/StevensNaturalHorsemanship/
email: steverodeo@aol.com



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