Trish Beres-Zaabel

ETHA Trainer


291 N 8355, Concho, Arizona 85924

Phone: (480)296-1188 or (602) 791-1723
E-mail: trish@woodenbridgeranch.com
Website: www.woodenbridgeranch.com


Type of Trainer: Natural Horsemanship
Event Types Obstacles, confidence building, groundwork, Various
Years Experience: 30
Onsite Clinics? Yes
Willing to Travel? Yes
Willing to Train Outside Horses for ETHA Events? Yes
All About You Horsemanship

Trish Beres-Zaabel and her husband, Jerry Zaabel have 60+ years combined experience in horsemanship, training of horses, working with people at all walks of life instructing teaching and coaching horsemanship skills in literally every discipline.

Several years ago Trish and Jerry designed a program that evolved into a business.  All-About-Horsemanship is a philosophy, a mission and a passion that is specifically designed for the individual.  Typical “Riding Lessons” teach the student to sit a horse, make it move and take a ride.  The All-About-U-Philosophy is that the experience between the horse and rider is much more than “just taking a ride”.  It is an experience between the horse and rider that should be mutually beneficial.

Many riding instructors have a program that they fit the student into.  All-About-U-Horsemanship designs each and every training/coaching session directly to benefit the student’s goals.  Each student is matched with an equestrian partner that has similar personality character as the student.  The student works with the instructor at the students speed (not the instructors).  Each new student starts by explaining their level of experience, then their goals in horsemanship.  Do you simply wish to trail ride? Would you like to eventually show horses?  Would you like to jump or show Dressage?  Are you recovering from a bad experience?  Is there a confidence issue?

Unlike many other programs All-About-U-Horsemanship understands there are many people who have always wanted to ride the range or show horses in the big shows, but have been held back by a bad experience.  We specialize in helping people re-gain their confidence so that this great sport of horsemanship can be part of their lives.

Our goal at All-About U-Horsemanship is “Competent riders, Confident Horses”.  This is the secret or key to a successful partnership between horse and rider.  As the rider becomes Competent the horse becomes Confident in his response to the riders requests.  Anyone can learn to successfully ride a horse.  We have worked with everyone from young children to senior citizens, physically handicapped, emotionally challenged students and experts who have already accomplished second level dressage horsemanship.

We design training/coaching sessions that are All-About-U and your goals!  Horses are the most wonderful animals ever created and when you are fortunate enough to partner with them it is an experience beyond words.

“I always wanted to have a horse of my own!”

When it is time for you to own your own horse, All-About-U-Horsemanship in partnership with Wooden Bridge Ranch will help you connect with a perfect match.  We evaluate horses physically and emotionally for students/clients to insure the proper match is made for the long term relationship horse ownership brings.

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