Wally Smith

ETHA Trainer

Address:85 Old Nipissing Rd South, Magnetawan, ON Canada P0A 1P0
Cell:249-995-0061 Text 863-528-2570
E-mail: horsetalesntrails@gmail.com
Website:www. www.facebook.com/horsetalesntrails


Type of Trainer:  Natural Horsemanship, equine behaviour and how to use it. Clinician
Event Types endurance riding, trail riding, start/retrain fresh and problem horses
Years Experience: 20 +
Onsite Clinics? Yes
Willing to Travel? Yes
Willing to Train Outside Horses for ETHA Events? Yes

From the time Wally was three until he and his family moved into town around the age of five, he could be found playing with the neighbors three horses. One of which was an active eventing barrel horse.  He often refers to those horses as his jungle gym, he would jump down onto their backs from gates and barn rafters so he could free ride them around the barn yard. The horses were much less concerned about him being there then the neighbors and was told to go home on many an occasion.

Town life created a ‘disconnect’ from horses that lasted for many years. During that time Wally achieved an Intra Provincial Automotive service and repair technician certification, opened his own shop and then moved into his own automotive sales business. He was also a volunteer fire fighter in town for 4 years.  Once he’d opened his own business the re connection to horses began. He started working with Extreme Arabians, exercising and assisting in training Arabs for the endurance circuit. He also found himself traveling to different farms riding their ‘unrideable’ horses. It was during this experience with horses that he discovered, they were far from unrideable, they were frightened and confused beings. Wally could not carry on in this manner with horses and from that moment, he began to hear the horse and learned how to answer their plea for help, to be understood.

Wally met his now wife, CJ at the stables, she volunteered to take people out on guided trail rides. A few years later they moved together to Magnetawan Ont., found a farm and began building their dream of a life with horses together.

Wally has started in touched horses, re started horses, trained horses for public trail rides, and many “problem” horses that have found their way to their farm instead of the less than desirable place they were headed for. Over time, and with his understanding of a horses nature, he has helped them become soft and manageable once again, willing to try to work with people and find comfort in being with us.

Wally believes that the horse will always be the master trainer, but has gleaned much from many trainers over the years. Wally can relate to many trainers, but the ones he finds himself relating to most are; Tom Dorrance, Buck Brannanman, Monty Roberts and Ross Jacobs. Wally’s hope is to help people discover a horse of their own understanding and to keep both horse and rider happy and fulfilled in their individual equine quest.

Call, Text or email (in that order) if you wish to Book Wally for training or a clinic and for any questions you might have about your horse and how he might be able to assist you.

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